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Quality Care Nursing INC.

365 West Reed Rd. Greenville, MS, 38701

Suite A2-3

(662) 378-2009

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Do you know an Allied Health Professional who should be a part of the QCN Staff?

At QCN, we’re proud of the fact that a high number of our nurses come to us by referral from current, satisfied QCN nurses! To show our appreciation for recommending a friend or colleague to us, we offer a generous referral bonus program!

The program is simple: just refer a friend or colleague to us. 

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Do you require Criminal Background checks for each team member you hire? 

Quality Care Nursing performs background checks on employees in accordance with state and client requirements.


How do you address our need to have your team members oriented to this facility? 

Quality Care Nursing will obtain any orientation material needed from the facility and ensure the team member is provided with all material, prior to starting their assignment.


What is your problem resolution process? 

Should an urgent situation arise, one which requires immediate attention, Quality Care Nursing will:

• Identify specific problem(s) and individual(s) involved.
• The individuals will be contacted to gain information regarding the situation.
• Specifics will be reported to the client and a solution will be proposed to ensure client satisfaction and eliminate future occurrences


How do you ensure a nurse has the experience needed to perform services in each specialty? 

Quality Care Nursing has an extensive pre screening process to include the following:

• Past employment/references: Our standard procedures require a minimum of three recent professional references, including two supervisors and/or peers. QCN holds high standards with regard to performance. Only candidates who exemplify commitment and dedication to their profession are referred.

• Education: Our Staffing Coordinators are required to verify and request copies of all Diplomas and reference material. Information is to be on file no later than the start of assignment.

• Skills: An extensive & comprehensive skill inventory is taken from each professional for every assignment. The assessment of all skill inventories is validated during the reference process for accuracy.

• Licensure/Certifications: QCN requires copies of all state licensures and certifications. In addition QCN verifies all licenses by verifying through the state board directly.


How Can I find out about your rates? 

Call one of our Staffing Coordinators and we will be happy to assist you.


How many days can I work as a contract health professional?

At QCN, we value contract health professionals that are readily available for any day and time. Contractors have access to working as many days that are readily available to their given schedule.

Do you manage the medical professionals placed with clients? 

No. The day-to-day management and supervision of the medical professional is strictly up to the client. Quality Care Nursing’s sole responsibility is to provide the best candidates for the intended open position, based on the information that is provided to us. However, in the event that a problem arises, we will do whatever we can to help resolve any issues.

Do you have Malpractice Insurance?

Yes. Quality Care Nursing’s policy is through Healthcare Providers Service Organization and covers up to $1,000,000. Upon request, we will be happy to forward you the details of our plan. In addition, many of our medical professionals have their own personal malpractice insurance. If an incident occurs, please notify our office within twenty-four hours.


What differentiates QCN from other staffing agencies? 

Our philosophy is simple - we focus on individualized recruitment strategies for each of our clients. Rather than focusing on generating as many job orders as possible from our clients, and hoping to fill a percentage of them, QCN operates much differently. QCN strives to establish long-term partnerships with a select group of clients so that we can fully understand their needs and come up with a customized recruiting plan based on those specific needs. This enables us to meet our goal of providing the best suited candidates for your particular facility or company in a way that best meets your overall staffing needs.


Does signing a contract with QCN obligate my facility to anything? 

QCN's contract is the basis for our professional relationship. It is an agreement to refer contract employees upon your request, to assist in meeting your temporary staffing requirements. Signing a contract with QCN does not obligate you to using QCN exclusively for your temporary staffing, nor does it obligate you to use us at all if we do not locate a healthcare professional that meets your needs In our contract, QCN agrees to recruit employees that meet the qualifications, experience and requirements set forth by you and given to us verbally or in writing.


How far in advance must I call for staffing assistance? 

We like to schedule as far in advance as possible to enable us to schedule the same team member on a regular basis. However, we can also staff last minute requests.

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