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Quality Care Nursing
Why Quality Care

Our Commitment To Personalized Services

It’s about finding an assignment that is the right duration - per diem, long or short term for our staff. It’s taking the extra time to match the needs of a facility with the skills and interests of the healthcare professional. It’s working evenings or weekends to quickly fill an opening or provide a resource in a pinch. Ultimately it’s going that extra mile to do what is right, for our staff and our customers, versus taking the easy route just to make a quick placement.

We’re Locally Owned and Operated

We live and work in the community in which we do business. We’re not one of the largest agencies in the area; trying to be everything to everyone. However, we are committed to the clients we serve.Their profitability determines our success. Our office is located in Greenville, Mississippi.

Our Quality of Service

At Quality Care we are proud of the services and support we deliver to our customers and our team members. Before someone becomes part of the Quality Care team we:

  • Verify licensure and certifications
  • Confirm CPR certification
  • Conduct multiple tests including OSHA and HIPAA
  • Verify documented compliance for TB and Hepatitis B
  • Conduct various background checks
  • Validate references
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